Skills for MURs - How to complete a Case Study
On this page you can read the instructions on how to complete a case study, watch a demonstration of how to complete a case study and practice completing a case study yourself.
At the bottom of the page you will find the Top Tips and it is highly recommended you read them prior to commencing the assessment.
Click here to try a case study.
Once you have registered and paid your Assessment fee you will be e-mailed a username and password.
Use your user name and password to log into site.
When you log in you will see the screen below. From here you can:
  1. Begin an assessment
  2. Track your progress
  3. Change the details on your account
  4. Learn more about the course
  5. View instructions on how to complete a case study
  6. Try attempting a case study
  7. View top tips

Begin Assessment

You can start your Assessment by pressing the Begin Assessment (1) button at the middle of the page. This will take you to a case study.
Once you commit to begin assessment you must dedicate a continuous hour to the process as exceeding this time limit or aborting part way through will result in a failed case study and hence loss of attempt.
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Starting a Case Study

You will see a screen like the one on the right

From this page you will be able to:
  1. View a Patient History (2)
  2. Review a Patient Medication Record (3)
  3. You can also download a MUR worksheet(4) . The worksheet does not form part of the assessment, however you may find it useful to print this off and use it to make notes while you are watching the video
  4. Watch a video clip of a pharmacist interviewing a patient.
    A transcript of the interview (5) will run in the panel to the
    right of the video.
  5. The Assessment tab at the top of the page (6) allows you to click through to the multiple choice questions for the case study that you must complete. You will not be able to do this until you have clicked Play(7) on the video.
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Completing the assessment - MCQs

1. You have 30 minutes to complete the MUR Case Study. The Clock (8) starts as soon as you click Play (6) on the video. It counts down from 30 minutes.
2. A reminder message will come up when you have five minutes remaining. You MUST acknowledge this message. If you exceed your time the case study will be automatically submitted for you.
3. You may download and read the Patient History and Patient Medication Record before the clock starts. Please note that you have a maximum of 20 minutes before you press play on the video to look at the PMR and PH.
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For each case study, you must answer seven multiple choice questions (MCQs). For each question you have a choice of four possible answers and only one answer is correct. You should choose and click the answer you believe to be correct. You will not be able to submit your case study unless you answer all seven questions.
To successfully pass each case study, you must get at least six out of seven answers correct.
Take time to review your answers.
Once you are satisfied with your answers click Submit (9) to submit your Case Study.
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Stay on-line after you submitted your Case Study for your result

After a short period of time, you will receive a message telling you whether you have passed or failed the Case Study.
You can continue to the next Case Study straight away by clicking Close Window (10) and returning to Begin Assessment, or you can log out and return at a later date.
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Click here to try a case study.

Top Tips

We hope that you find the following notes useful in helping you successfully complete this online short course from the Medway School of Pharmacy.
Registering for the course:
1. You must complete the registration form before you can do the assessment.
2. If your course has been paid for already, then you will be given an individual PIN and company ID number with instructions on how to fill out the registration form.
3. Once you have successfully completed the registration process, you will receive an email with your password. If your email is not in the inbox please check your junk/spam folder.
4. You will need the email address you registered with AND the password to be able to log in to the website.
Before you start your first case study:
Enter and read the section 'About the Course'. In particular, you need to access the section "how to complete a case study". There is a high failure rate in students who skip this section. Ensure the demonstration video works on your computer. In the event of problems contact
You must pass three case studies in total to pass the course. You can fail up to two case studies - if you fail a third case study, you have failed the assessment and will need to re-register. You have 30 minutes to complete each case study. The clock starts when you press play on the video.
You should have a quick look (you have a maximum of 20 minutes) at both the PMR and PH BEFORE you watch the video. This is so that you get a good idea about the patient's background and medical condition. You may also download and print the MUR Worksheet and use this to make notes while you are watching the video.
You will be asked if you want to begin a case study - only respond 'yes' if you have allowed a clear, uninterrupted and quiet 30 minutes to do the case study. You cannot stop half way through as this will result in a fail. Thirty minutes is plenty of time so don't rush. There is time, as there is in a real MUR, to look things up in your BNF so make sure you have it handy.
Completing your assessment:
To complete each case study, you must answer seven multiple choice questions (MCQs). For each question you are given four possible answers, and only one answer is correct. You should choose and click on the answer you believe to be correct.
During your case study you can return to watch all or part of the video again when you want to. Use the rewind, forward and pause controls to help you.
If you want to look at, for example, the PMR again at any stage, you can move around the case study by selecting the tabs to navigate between the different screens.
Do NOT click on the cross at top right hand of the page to come out of it. This will close the case study and result in you failing that case.
You will get a reminder when you have 5 minutes remaining. You need to acknowledge this. When your time is over the case study will be automatically submitted for you. If you finish before that, take time to check your answers and then click submit. Most students finish in plenty of time and submit their own work.
You will get your result instantly and it will also be sent to your email account. You will also have the option to print a temporary certificate. The original certificate will arrive in the post to the address you registered with within six to eight weeks.
Tips on the case studies themselves:
Make sure you watch the video carefully as well as reading the PMR and patient history. The patients in these scenarios are based on real people, so when choosing your answers to the MCQs, these need to be 'real life' answers too. If you are faced with a patient who needs to lose weight, there is no point in choosing the text book answer of 'start on a very low-fat diet immediately', this simply isn't going to happen. In real life you would perhaps think about ways in which the patient might start to make their diet healthier by reducing their fat intake over a period of time, or cutting back on certain high fat foods. Look for 'real life' solutions when considering these cases studies and remember the practical patient issues. Someone who's driving around all day is unlikely to find using suppositories regularly convenient.
These case studies include an element of clinical opinion, which is bound to vary between pharmacists. In some cases your preferred answer to a particular question may not be an option. One of the 4 options is the best fit answer.