About the Course

Welcome to the Skills for MURs information pages

The Skills for MURs course consists of two elements:

  1. Learning Materials
  2. Online Assessment

Once you have registered you have 12 months to complete three case studies successfully. Once you have started the first case study this time limit CHANGES to six months for completion of all three case studies – unless the 12 month expiry date comes first. If you do not complete the Online Assessment within the time limit your profile will become inactive and this attempt at the Online Assessment will be counted as a fail. You will then be required to pay for a second attempt (£75).

Once you have successfully completed the assessment you will be awarded a Practice Certificate from the Medway School of Pharmacy. This will allow you to conduct Medicine Use Reviews and the Prescription Intervention Service, specified as an Advanced Services in the 2013 community pharmacy contract for England.

The Practice Certificate in 'Medicine Use Review' is worth five academic credits at master's level. These credits can be used towards achieving a Postgraduate Certificate, Diploma or MSc in Medicines Optimisation via the Medway Short Course Pathway.